2016 Year in Review

02 April 2017

Much of our work in 2016 involved laying the groundwork for a fortified future. In India and Africa in particular, in cooperation with our partners, we were busy guiding, analyzing, and training. Among the results were a draft regulation likely to affect millions of people in India, an outline of how fortified rice could improve the health of 130 million people in Africa, a strategy for fortifying maize flour in Africa, and an online tool to train fortification leaders around the world.

Every year we update the amount of industrially milled wheat flour, maize flour, and rice that is fortified. For 2016, our estimates include the following:

  • 34.1% of the world's industrially milled wheat flour is fortified. See map.
  • 57% of the world's industrially milled maize flour. See map.
  • 0.7% of the world's industrially milled rice is fortified. See map.

For industrially milled wheat flour, the estimate is up from the 28.1% that was fortified in 2015. The maize flour and rice estimates are about the same as the previous year.

Download the full report for details on how we calculate these estimates and how our work in 2016 laid the groundwork for future fortification.